Story Keeper

There are literally millions of stories around the globe in danger of being lost forever as time moves on, the knowledge of the story dies with people and methods of recording such stories are forgotten.

The Story Keeper piece was inspired the UNESCO Memories Of The World project for digitalising indigenous stories of the world to preserve them for future generations.

The Story Keeper is a hollow, engraved silver tube cast from recycled silver and assembled onto Rudracksha seeds by hand here in London before the piece is hallmarked at the Goldsmiths Hall Assay office. We use seeds sourced from a locally owned, sustainable, organic plantation in Bali.

The Story Keeper holds within it a miniature waterproof paper scroll inscribed with a story personal to the recipient. We have two styles of the Story Keeper; a vertical version suspended on a single strand of larger seeds and a horizontal version hung on a triple strand of sacred seeds. The piece is presented in a cotton drawstring bag within a handmade Lotka box.