For 12,000 years humans have been nurturing and cultivating seeds. It has, in part, formed the backbone of our civilization. The deep concern is that at the present time, approximately 94% of our seed varieties have been lost and many more are nearing extinction.

In the first half of the 20th century, seeds were overwhelmingly in the hands of farmer and public sector plant breeders. In less than four decades, a handful of multinational corporations have engineered a corporate enclosure of the first link in the food chain, by using intellectual property laws to commodify the world seed supply. The deep belief of Totem is that seeds and stories belong to the people. We honour seeds for their beauty and history, but most importantly, we honour them for their essential place in our world. We honour our stories as part of the great human need to share and to interconnect. Sharing a story opens the heart.

Totem Sacred Seeds necklaces are pieces made of seeds which are considered sacred in many parts of the world, such as Lotus, Rudracksha, Bodhi and Tulsi. In using sacred seeds, we hope to challenge people’s perception about what is precious as well as enlightening people about the precarious situation surrounding this valuable and essential commodity.

Each Sacred Seed necklace, tagged with a recycled silver ‘T’ hallmarked here in London, is presented in a handmade Lotka box within an organic cotton drawstring bag. Enclosed is a story and history of the seed used in that particular necklace, and a flower seed paper allowing the recipient to grow their own wildflowers. Our seeds are sourced from a locally owned, sustainable, organic plantation in Indonesia.


Legend has it that the Hindu god, Lord Shiva, contemplated the suffering of man and in his great compassion, he shed a tear which then grew into a Rudraksha tree. The seeds are considered precious and to possess mystical and divine properties, protecting the wearer from negativity. They have been used in prayer rituals for many centuries and have been known to last up to 8 generations.

Sacred Seeds - Rudraksha