Totem Adornments: the power of giving

  • By: Pippa Bugg

When it comes to Christmas, we’re all about the gifts that keep giving. That’s why the Totem team is dedicated to making Totem Adornments as sustainable and ecologically responsible as possible; from the use of raw materials to manufacturing processes. That said, it’s not just about preserving the environment, it’s about preserving stories - your stories.

With so many young adults and millennials investing in more sustainable brands with a strong social purpose, it comes as no surprise that “transparency” was voted the Word of the Year 2016 by the Association of National Advertisers.

With this in mind, we’ve collated the Totem gift-guide, that does good and looks good too - championing sustainability and naturally sourced materials.

Sacred Seeds

For 12,000 years man has been nurturing and cultivating seeds to form the backbone of civilisation. Now, 94% of our seed varieties have been lost and many more are nearing extinction.

Using Sacred Seeds necklaces, made from Lotus, Rudracksha, Bodhi and Tulsi seeds, we hope to challenge perceptions about what is precious as well as enlightening people about the precarious situation surrounding this valuable commodity.

Each Sacred Seed necklace, adorned with a recycled silver ‘T’, is presented in a handmade Lotka box within an organic cotton drawstring bag. Enclosed is a history of your chosen seed and a wild flower seed paper, allowing the recipient to grown their own small meadow as a lasting memento.

All of our seeds are sourced from a locally owned, sustainable, organic plantation in Bali.

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Story Keeper

The Story Keeper is a hollow engraved adornment, cast from recycled silver and assembled by hand onto Rudracksha seeds here in London.

The Story Keeper holds within it a miniature paper scroll inscribed with a story personal to the recipient. Choose from a vertical version suspended on a single strand of larger seeds, or a horizontal version hung on a triple strand of sacred seeds.

The piece comes presented in a cotton drawstring bag within a handmade Lotka box.

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Story Leaves

Story Leaves pieces are made from sacred Rudracksha seeds which are then hung with recycled silver leaves, hand-cast in London.

A beautiful detail, each of the necklaces display quotes from Shakespearean literature. Choose between the single leaf or a cluster of cascading leaves.

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Story Weaves

Story Weaves are our way of symbolising and preserving a personal story, event or relationship.

The Story Weaves pieces are hand woven ‘ribbons’ of rose gold chains transitioning into a recycled silver leaf drop at each end. One leaf can have the recipients chosen initials or date engraved onto it to make a truly exclusive piece.

The Story Weave is presented in our Totem Pole box made in the UK from sustainable black ash and then encased in our handmade Lotka boxes and tissue.

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The Totem Foundation Fund

At Totem, we also want to give back, which is why we founded the The Totem Foundation fund; set up to support and celebrate the preservation of stories and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

The business aims to achieve this by channelling 10% of Totem Adornments’ profits from each piece sold into the fund. Totem then invites anyone in the UK whether it be individuals, schools, community organisations, libraries, hospices, museums, local history programs or hospitals, to put forward their own unique proposals for projects that support the preservation of stories.

Want to apply to the Totem Foundation Fund? Submit your story by completing the application form.