Our Totems are made using Rudraksha seeds which are grown on a locally owned, organic, sustainable plantation in Bali. All other seeds are sourced from sustainable plantations throughout south east Asia.

The Rudraksha seeds contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Extensive scientific research has been conducted over many years in both the East and West and these findings have shown that the beads have certain electro-magnetic properties that, when worn against the skin, act on our human neural network in a number of beneficial ways to release chemicals in our bodies responsible for uplifting moods, calming stress and increasing energy.

The beads are strung and blessed locally and then sent to us here in London.

All the Silver used in the Totems is recycled and is cast and hallmarked in London. The Leaves and Keepers are assembled onto the necklaces by multi award winning London jewellers.

Pop Up Story Park

Our Totem Pop Up Story Park is also made from recycled materials:

  • Wood from old TV and film sets
  • Turf made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Paper leaves from the Albert Hall Remembrance service Poppy Drop
  • Baobab trees
  • Seedlings from old teaspoons
  • Papier mache stone effect walls from recycled paper
  • Props are all sourced from charity shops and lighting used on the sections is always eco friendly


Our presentation boxes are hand made from strawboard covered in Lokta paper.

Lokta paper is made by hand using a centuries old method from the bark of the ‘Daphne’ bush which only grows at an altitude of 6500ft or above in the Himalayas. The inner bark of the bush is stripped away without the root system being damaged so the plant regrows quickly and is a fully sustainable resource. The bark is then boiled for 8 hours to soften the fibers and then sifted and pulped by hand to a smooth paste. Each single sheet of paper is made by spreading a cupful of the pulp onto mesh and wood frames and letting it dry in the sun before the newly made sheet of paper is gently lifted off. Any coloured paper is dyed using dyes created from plants and minerals and no chemicals are used at any stage

Our tissue paper is made using the same process.

All paper inserts and cotton bags used in our products are made from organic or recycled material wherever possible here in the UK.

Story Leaves pieces come inside our exclusive Totem Pole boxes which are made by a family firm here in the UK from sustainable ash wood.