The Totem Foundation fund was established to support the preservation and healing power of stories.

We aim to achieve this by channeling 10% of Totem Adornments profits from each piece sold into the fund.

The active arm of Totem Foundation Fund is Totem Phoenix Tales. Phoenix Tales are video recordings of triumph over mental health issues like anxiety, depression and suicide. Totem is proud to work with The Lions Barber Collective (registered charity 1176363), which aims to raise awareness for mental health, suicide prevention and depression.

Both The Lions Barber Collective and Barber Talk were founded in 2015 by Tom Chapman UK. He is the winner of The Points of Light Award from Prime Minister, Teresa May. He is the Author of The Barber Boom-Creating a New Sub-Culture

“Suicide is the biggest killer in young people and nearly 80% of these suicides are men… Suicide is not a scary word, it’s the statistics that are scary. We don’t want to make barbers into counsellors, but maybe we can offer an opportunity to open up and offload. Potentially, we hope (to be) that first step in the right direction, which can often be the hardest. Let’s save one life, and then another. #togetherwerestronger”

“As barbers, we have a unique opportunity to help our clients. We are allowed into their personal space, while we build a strong bond and relationship with them while in the chair. It is common for our clients to open up to us without having to prompt them. It is on this basis that we have worked with many professional psychiatrists and the NHS to produce our Barber Talk training. This training educates barbers on how to recognise the signs of depression, mental health issues and possible suicide so we can then sign post our clients to the right organisations that are there to help. We are currently in the process of making this into an online modular training program so that barbers across the globe can access and complete Barber Talk. In the meantime, we have our Barber Talk Lite, online awareness programme, which anyone can access, free of charge, and receive certification and window stickers to let people know that their shop is a safe place.”

TLBC has worked alongside many charities including PAPYRUS, Calm, Hub of Hope and Samaritans.

Watch a TED talk by Tom Chapman…

Top photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 4.0